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What is the work camp?

Work camp is a group of young people connected to each other with the same goal and activates.

Mainly its carried out for two- three weeks time period , with 10-15 people from all over the world united for local community or public interest.

Where is it?

Work camps might take place in any European or Asian countries.

Conditions in the Workcamp.

Mainly living conditions in the work camp is very simple and basic. Of course it depends on a project and organization which is organizing the camp. In all project descriptions it is always written clearly what working activities and living conditions are. We strongly recommend to read project carefully before apply.

Who can participate?

Colorful house gives chance to everyone aged 18-30+ (in some camps can be 16) motivated , energetic open minded young Georgians who are ready to spend some time abroad. Who have basic knowledge of foreign language (mainly camps are in English, but It also can be in German, French, Italian or any other national language.)

How to participate?

In order to take part in the work camp you need to have the sending organization.
And here we are ツ

You should fill in our volunteer exchange form completely and we will support you before and during activity.

PLEASE NOTE: Colorful House takes responsibility to prepare your Schengen visa and organize Health insurance during your stay in the camp according to the rules of the hosting country.